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Waterproof TV

Waterproof TV

Bluemoon supplies some of the top brand's high-quality AV products. Our products have been successfully used in luxury properties and hotels around the world. A Bathroom TV is a stylish and contemporary luxury which has become a popular addition to modern bathrooms. TVs for bathrooms come in a variety of options including styles that double up as mirrors; to give that sleek bathroom look but instantly turn into a TV once switched on, and styles that can be fitted into the wall for a bespoke look.
You'll never miss your favourite programmes again with a TV installed in your bathroom. Gone are the days when you had to bathe early enough to get your hair dry for a night out or work in the morning, sacrificing the end of the programme in the process. Now you can simply continue watching television in the bathroom!
Bathroom TVs allow you to enjoy watching telly in one of the most comfortable surroundings possible, your bathtub! It's totally safe too, the mixture of water and electricity should normally make you panic, but every bathroom TV is a waterproof TV and has been expertly manufactured to be resistant to water. Many TVs for bathrooms even come with waterproof remote controls, so you don't have to be afraid of dropping it in the bath.

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