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C/P Fitting

Chrome Plated Fitting

Chrome Plating is used in a number of metallic products to increase its durability, because products which are chrome plated do not get corroded easily. Chrome plating is mostly used in the automotive industry and the bath ware industry.
Chrome happens to be frugal, lightweight and attractive making it the best bet to plate luxury bathroom fittings. Most luxury bathrooms are state-of-the art designed sanitary ware which look spotless and attractive. Chrome meaning steel that has undergone several plating processes to endure the temperature changes and weather that a car is subject to outdoors. Triple plating is the most expensive and durable process, which involves plating the steel first with copper and then nickel before the chromium plating is applied.
The fact that chrome plating is a method used in electroplating makes it rust resistant. Chrome plating also does not oxidise easily because of which it is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens. CP fittings are available in a plethora of designs which look exquisite, when placed on the bathroom sink or used as a shower.

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