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About Blue Moon

Blue Moon is the India’s top Multi-Brand retailer of extensive products such as Ceramic Products, Bathtubs, Steam, Sauna, Emotional Showers, Spa's, Mosaics, Waterproof TV, Readymade Swimming Pools, Windisch Luxurious Accessories, Cucina Kitchen, C/P Fitting and Plumbing Solution.
At Blue Moon, you can get a wide range of international luxurious products from most trusted & loved brands such as Creavit, Vado, Pex, Windisch, Componendo, Glass 1989, Bette, Mosico+, TechVision, Aquademy, Croydex, Simex, Endless Pools etc.

Our Products


Ceramic Products

Blue Moon supplies the world class ceramic products that are masterpiece..


Add style and relaxation to your bathroom with a new bathtub.


Blue Moon Enterprises has a wide range of Steam cabins/room collections..


A Sauna is a bathhouse or room, usually made of wood, which uses dry heat..
An emotional shower offers much more than just a shower is a mini-wellness program..


Our branded Spa models are technological marvels, created to let you relax & restore equilibrium.

Waterproof TV

Waterproof TV's is been successfully used in luxury properties and hotels around the world.
The readymade swimming pool is not only a luxury but also a great addition.
From crystal-covered toilet paper to gilded bathroom sinks, we provide these accessories.

Cucina kitchen

We offer modern, contemporary & traditional kitchen design ideas from various top brands.

C/P Fitting

Chrome Plating is used in a number of metallic products to increase its durability..
The bathroom is a very frequently used room in our homes, so if the plumbing isn’t working properly,.